Mireaflores Apartments

The program for this building asked for 500 square meters of space for each residential unit, including an open terrace and swimming pool. These houses in the sky enjoy predominately mild to warm weather, created through the provision of natural cross ventilation. Faced with the challenge of a deep floor- as dictated by the infill site, we proposed dividing each floor plan into 9 squares, which also assisted with the successful creation of swimming pools suspended in the air. Creating this grid allowed for a strong and identifiable expression on the exterior. As the squares turned into cubes, some were subtracted to create the open gardens with swimming pools. The cube volumes allowed for double height spaces and the capacity to contain and conceal the pool’s structure. This arrangement leads to a highly flexible and reconfigurable plan, as well as a complex sectional relation between the individual spaces.


Location: Lima, Peru

Size: 5,500 sq.m

Type: Mixed-Use, Multi-Unit Residential

Client: ARQUIS

Status: Project


Architect: Hout Architecture Inc.