Scarsdale Office and Warehouse

Scarsdale Office and Warehouse

Located in Don Mills, Canada’s first corporate suburb, Scarsdale office complex is intended to intensify the use of the site by replacing an under utilized 2 storey structure with a six-storey office and mixed-use building.  

The massing strategy aims to create a bold presence on Scarsdale Road while maintaining a pedestrian friendly scale- the building steps back above the 2nd floor. The first 2-storey podium contain warehouse space, cafeteria and an integrated parking structure at the rear of the site. Two  4-storey, bar-shaped volumes contain office space rest over the podium and  cantilever eastward over an open green space and access road. The cantilever allows for additional usable area while creating a bold presence. 

Precast concrete panel form 53.6 percent of the exterior envelope reducing heat loss in the winter, glare and heat gain in the summer. 

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Location Toronto, Canada

Program    Office, warehouse, parking and supporting uses.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Size 230,000 m2.  

Client Birkshire Axis 

Architect: Hout Architecture Inc.