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Villa 066. Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China

Inspired by the austerity of the Mongolian landscape. A vast horizon, clear skies, chasms, shifts and deep crevasses are represented in a disciplined geometric interpretation. 

From a distance, the building appears as a tower partially submerged and split horizontally in the middle. A glass volume is situated between two solid blocks creating a tension between interiority and exteriority.

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Type: Single-Family Residential

Size: 1000 SQ.M

Client: Jiang Yuan Water Engineering Co., Ltd

Status: On Hold


Samer Hout (Concept & design development of Villa 066), Ai Wei Wei as curator for '100 Villas by 100 architects' selected by Herzog and de Meuron.

Team: Andrea Macaroun, Kelly Buffy, Mike Paquette, Robert Kastellic, Patrick Liu.